Terafast Technologies LLC was founded in 2018 in UAE and is promoted and managed by technocrats with a vision to inspire customers with the power of IT to enhance and optimize business performance.


Today the world is connected better than ever, and information is available anywhere, anytime. The digital revolution in Information Technology is shaping the way we live. There are many disruptive technologies that have made this digital revolution possible. With the ever-growing number of devices,applications, and user demands, businesses need to innovate in order to stay competitive in the today’s markets.

  • At Terafast Technologies we help business work with these disruptive technologies and meet user demands. We offer turnkey solutions like IT Infrastructure design& engineering, datacenter construction, and unified collaboration solution.

Our Focus

Our focus is on delivering quality solutions to our clients for IT infrastructure management to:

·  Increase the availability, continuity and productivity of Information Technology and Communication

·  Enhance our customer satisfaction

·  Improve operational efficiency

·  Provide a customer-centric approach in order to deliver effective quality solutions.

·  Advance business growth and productivity of the customer organization through flexible and scalable technology

·  Adopt industry’s best practices in terms of people, process and technology. We are a team of dedicated professionals who share responsibilities, and our ultimate goal is to help our customers meet their business requirements through quality technology solutions.